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Product Name:  GSM IP Alarm PTZ Network Camera Security System
Name:   GSM IP Alarm PTZ Network Camera Security System Model: SA-1168-IPGSM029 
Attestation: 'CCC,CE,ROHS' Type: Video Alarm Terminals 
  1. Cost free to transmit alarm events information,arm/disarm message to cms by internet,cost free to communicate with cms for self-insepction,cost free for uninterruptedly self-inspection with wired accessories,cost free for fixed time self-inspction with wireless accessories.when the burglar cut the internet cable to make the cms can not communicate with the terminals,then the platform will alarm immediately.
2. There is 3 channel wired port on the terminal: the first wired port is for wired intelligent shutter sensor,the second wired port is for wired warning board,the third port is for other wired accessories.all these wired accessories are powered by centralized UPS power supply,never need to change batteries for accessories,without same frequency interference,more stable than wireless accessories
3. By internet,the platform can arm/disarm the terminals for free,the cms can see live video from the terminals anytime,the cms can set interval time for self-inspection with the terminals
4. The terminals and the cms are all based on tcp/ip network, and with SSG servers and platform core-function board,the platform can process millions of self-inspction,arm,disarm,alarm events,etc digital messages in seconds without any communication fees and does not block system. Compared with tranditional CID platform which cause shake-hand telephone communication fees,our platfom advance it about three generations and the data processing speed is much more faster than it.
5. With UPS centralized power supply,when power off,it will support the system work uninterruptedly including HUB,MODEM,video alarm panels,accessories,front cameras,etc and make videos uploard to CMS.
6. The terminal can work with outdoor warning board and any 12V wired pir motion sensors,built-in supper lighting protection design,with anti-cutting alarm function,when accessories self-inspection failed or accessories damaged,all these signals will be sent to CMS
7. It will start bright light automatically and illuminate the places immediately(better performance in dark) after the accessories are triggered, at the same time, siren will be on right away,then the voice message will be shouted onsite “your video are recorded and saved remotely,please get out”,the voice message can be customized. Under bright light,the video image is distortionless,megapixel coms camera with good ir night vision.
8. M-JPEG compressed format, color CMOS 1 million pixels, including 6 mm lens. Visual range 15 meters. 53 degrees Angle. With Pan/Tilt, multi-function decoder, infrared as one of the low speed PTZ, 360 degrees video scanning without dead angle.
9. Transmit alarm and video information by tcp/ip protocol which is the fatest in all transmitting types,about 1 second to 3 second,the speed is 10 times than the traditional alarm transmitting method.
10. has guard tour functions:that mean when the security guard patrol to the appointed area,he just need to press the remote controls taken with him to send a message to the alarm panel,then the alarm panel will send the guards’ name, patrol time,patrol location to the platform and will auto generate patrol log sheet on the platform for the learder to check.
11.Compared with SSG-1168-IPSTN029, SSG-1168-IPGSM029: best cost performance,save lots of cost for telephone communication fees and monthly fees,save lots of gsm communication fees and monthly fees,save cost for faulty alarms,save cost for high quality PIR sensor(common pir is ok).generally,use IP029 tcp ip video alarm system, you can save cost for communication fees equal to buy one IP029.
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