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Product Name:  IP+GPRS Dual Network Alarm System with UPS
Name:   IP+GPRS Dual Network Alarm System with UPS Model: SA-1168-IPGPRS 
Attestation: 'CCC,CE,ROHS' Type: GRPS Network Alarm Terminals 
  1. Digital IP alarm transmitting way. Based on TCP/IP protocol, it takes 3 seconds at most to upload the alarm information to the CMS without any fees. Moreover, due to the self-checking function, once the wire is cut. It will alarm right now.

2. UPS power supply. No matter wether AC power is off or not, the alarm host still can upload the alarm information to the CMS. 12V UPS supply power for the whole system and all wired accessories with lightning-proof protection to resist co-channel interference and save batteries of wireless accessories.

3. Compatible with wired and wireless alarms. 8wired and 99 wireless zones. With 485 module, it will be updated as bus system alarm host and expanded 999 zones. About the wired zones, 2 routes are customized to connect with intelligent auto-arm door sensor and outdoor warning board while the rest are used in branch zones.

4. Intelligent auto-arm door sensor. When users close the door, the door sensor will auto arm without remote controllers to save users energy and costs.

5. high-speed communication device. Our central monitor station can quickly handle all alarm information in seconds without any costs and information jam like arm, disarm, self-checking etc.

6. external wired warning board. To advertise and frighten the intruders, wired warning board is connected, in which LOGO and contact number from service providers can be showed.

7. Patrol record function. All guards will take a intelligent patrol controller to protect the terminal users and check whether the guard work or not at the fixed time and place because all information about guards will be auto uploaded to CMS like guard name, patrolling place, time, ID number etc.

8. CMS can freely arm or disarm all terminal products without any costs.

9. Standard alone DVR. With standard alone DVR, the real-time video will pop up when alarming.Moreover, the DVR can be charged.

Compared with SA-1168-IPUPS, it adds one function:
10. Transmit alarm by GPRS: it means when the IP network is failed or damaged, it will continue work via GSM network. The internet connection is OK in most of the time, and GSM is used to transmit alarm events temporarily.
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